About Us

About us

We are an online store, we serve sports lovers and we sell authorized sports shoes. Package of basketball shoes, running shoes and casual shoes. Our prices tend to be affordable and we give back the biggest deals to our customers at a relatively low level of profit.

Our Mission

The secret to our continued years of business and continued growth is quality. We only sell high quality sports shoes, and we build a sense of trust with our customers during the pre-communication with them, order confirmation and order follow-up services. That's why we have more and more fans, and we can grow more and more.
We offer the widest range styles of sneakers possible, and most of the customers who buy from our online store repeat their purchases many times. We are constantly offering shipping speed and currently we can have customers receive their packages in as little as five days.

Our Guarantee

We offer fast response and attentive customer service, and customers can reach us by email, message, or phone at any time.

We love sports, and we love our sneakers, and we love our customers even more. We want to continue to grow in this.

Contact Us

Email: service@telatapa.com

Tel: +1 (518) 507-9977


1304 S Parker Rd Apt 347
Denver Colorado 80231
United States